"Having trust issues, I was irrationally concerned with my first encounter, however, upon meeting Linda, I was relieved when I found her as welcoming and easy to talk to as a friend I've known for years.  I felt free of judgement as we started working on my life changes.  Thanks to Linda, I'm 50 lbs lighter and still striving and thriving!"

                                                                                       --- Andy in Lewistown, Montana

"Linda was amazing. I'm vegan and even though she's not vegan herself, she supports a plant-based lifestyle and even experimented with taking animal products out of her diet for a month or so. I feel like she understood me. She's also a realist. She knows it's not practical to always eat healthy 100 percent of the time and helped me learn how to give myself grace if I felt that I overdid it with sweets or junk food on a particular day. That's how I was able to get back on track instead of dwelling on yesterday's unhealthy choices. With her help, I am able to have a healthy relationship with food and have gained a wealth of knowledge on what nutrients I was previously missing in my diet and easy ways to implement them in my everyday life. I am at the best shape of my life and have so much more energy since working with Linda."

                                                                                       --- Joy in Austin, Texas

"I’d been eating for 64 years with regular daily exercise, only to discover my cholesterol had started to climb above normal when I decided to seek out a better dietary plan.  Linda helped me to understand nutrition and showed me a better way with food.  I found Linda to be friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and the path she set me on has worked as planned."

                                                                                       --- Mark in Lewistown, Montana

"I would like to say I had a great experience. Linda was very helpful in our grocery store tour, we definitely got a lot of helpful information that I will use to make better and healthier choices."

                                                                                       --- Virgy in Austin, Texas

"I wanted to thank you again for sharing your expertise in diabetes management. Your store tours are filled with valuable information. With your help I've been able to reduce my A1C through diet and exercise. Your willingness to spend your time walking through a busy grocery store with a small crowd of 'students' in tow is a testament to your dedication to your cause and commitment to those affected by diabetes. You recognized that each patient is an individual and their specific situations differ. You were willing to take time to address individual questions/concerns about various food products and how to use diet to manage diabetes. During the tour you used your knowledge to make practical examples of critical information for diabetics which was very beneficial to transferring that knowledge. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise. I hope you can continue to share your knowledge and educate others to improve their health for many years to come!"

                                                                                       --- Jon in Austin, Texas