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Not sure which program is for you?  By answering a few questions or with a quick phone call, Linda can help you to determine which program best meets your needs and will help you reach your goals.



Meal planning reimagined! Let the EatLove program help you take charge of your wellness journey.


Basic Plans include: 

  • Individualized assessment and set up session

  • Subscription to Eatlove digital menu system


Plus Plans include:

  • Individualized assessment and set up session

  • Email support

  • Food Log reviews

  • Subscription to Eatlove digital menu system

  • Ongoing, weekly messaging support to assist you in setting realistic goals and to provide accountability while encouraging you along the way.  I will be your personal cheering section!

Basic Plan pricing:

6-month subscription: $117

12-month subscription: $167   



Plus Plan pricing:

6-month subscription: $299

12-month subscription: $449

Watch the video below to learn more about what the EatLove program can do for you.


The REFINE® Lifestyle Program (10-Week Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching) is designed to empower YOU to be YOUR best!  Are you ready for a new approach that is designed to help you REFINE® what you may already be doing so you may look and most importantly, feel amazing?  You'll love this approach designed for those who are busy, feel overwhelmed and often give up.


REFINE® will help you prepare daily for making healthy choices in food and exercise, allowing you to focus on what’s important in your life. The program guides you in balancing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for successful weight management.

It will guide you in your approach to making life-long changes in loving your body and nourishing it with foods and healthy habits.  The REFINE® program is designed to remove lifestyle clutter and promote optimal health while learning to eat mindfully instead of mindlessly.


REFINE® is a 10-Week, personal and confidential program that includes:

  • 10-week online nutrition and lifestyle coaching (a non-diet approach) 

  • 3 personal virtual or telephone meetings with Linda that include goal setting, meal planning, guidance, and coaching

  • Daily inspirational messages sent to your inbox, guiding you in your self-improvement journey

  • Simple and easy recipes

  • Weekly email support

  • Weekly food and exercise journal review


Having someone to walk with you on your journey can make it more meaningful while having someone to share the experience with.  This improves success and satisfaction.  You may want to ask a friend or loved one to join you in your journey.

REFINE® Pricing:

10-Week Online Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching:  1 payment of $397 OR 3 payments of $147 each