Helping you, your staff, and colleagues make small changes leading to big differences! 

The 12-Fix Plan provides targeted consultation to support wellness and reduce absences, increase productivity, and improve work culture.  This effective wellness program translates nutritional scientific research into an easy ‘how to’ program with 12 simple "fixes" that include guidance about the what, how, and when to eat along with how to shop and prepare.

Is this a ‘diet’?  No!

Is this an ‘all or nothing’ approach?  No!

Is it simple?  Yes!

Do you need to follow it 100% of the time to get results?  No!   A realistic approach is

the 80:20 rule.  Following these guidelines 80% of the time can lead to a guilt-free  sustainable plan.


By adopting one fix at a time, while being flexible enough to incorporate into any lifestyle, special diet guidelines, or culture, these 12 fixes are your ticket to a healthier, stronger life.  The 12 Fixes to Healthy Plan is based on a Mediterranean, whole-food lifestyle that includes overnight intermittent fasting paired with tips to strategically help you eat mindfully. 

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  • Wellness Consulting for organizations such as churches or community groups

  • Speaking engagements: Highly interactive sessions focused on lifestyle enhancements and wellness journeys

  • Frequent topics: Mindful Eating, Dining Out, Reading and Understanding Nutrition Labels, Demystifying the Calorie, Navigating the Grocery Store, and more!

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