Do you have Prediabetes, confused and overwhelmed?

First off, It's not your fault!!!  You may be able to prevent diabetes.

Let me help you become a prediabetes warrior and fight this off!


Integrating Mindful Eating methods with evidenced based techniques, I can provide you with a personalized roadmap that is easy to implement. 

If you are overweight, a modest weight loss will be necessary. You've tried to lose weight before but so frustrated because you can't keep it off. 

With all of life’s stress, you find yourself heading to the fridge to eat your emotions once again! It’s like a ‘love/hate’ relationship with food and it’s sometimes an abusive relationship as you beat yourself up for not being able to have middle ground.  

You start your next ‘diet’ with hopes of it being ‘The One’ that finally works, only to find yourself falling off the wagon.  Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

You are looking for that final breakthrough leading to a place of control.  Control in a positive way that doesn’t leave you feeling locked in a box of food rules and regulations.  

Contact me for a complementary 1:1 discovery call to discuss your needs.  We can visit about simple techniques to get you moving in the right direction. By using nutritional strategies and mindful eating techniques you can take back the control that food has had in your life.  You may be surprised at how simple strategies can lead to amazing results!  Overnight?  NO! 

Steady and systematically, while living life to the fullest, YES! 

Let's talk!  Schedule your Discovery Call today.


Meal Planning and Coaching for the individual on a wellness journey. 


Wellness consulting and speaking engagements for organizations like churches, community groups, special events, and more!


Targeted consultation to support wellness that can reduce work-related absences, increase productivity,

and improve work culture.

  • Remote or Virtual Nutrition Counseling

  • Performance Nutrition

  • Meal Planning

  • Healthy Eating Tips

  • ​Grocery Store Tours

  • Nutritional Meal Planning for health issues such as hypertension, high cholesterol, prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer Prevention, Fatty Liver,  Osteoporosis, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, etc.



Registered Dietitian

Licensed Nutritionist

Health & Wellness Coach


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