There's no quick fix for health and wellness!  But there is a plan!

Tried the latest diet, only to find you are right back where you started?  Confused by the avalanche of information you read on the internet, magazines, or hear from your friends or coworkers? 

You start your next ‘diet’ with hopes of it being ‘The One’ that finally works, only to find yourself falling off the wagon.  Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

Are you at risk of heart disease, cancer, or diabetes? 

Sometimes group support is motivating while sustaining the momentum you need!  How about a challenge in your organization or workplace?  

Integrating mindful eating methods with evidenced based techniques, I can provide you with a roadmap that is easy to implement.  Step by Step.

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I can meet you where you are in your wellness journey. 

Practical, realistic and no nonsense!

Grocery Store Tours for Diabetes

Learn how to navigate the aisles with simple techniques to control your blood sugar levels.  


Targeted consultation to support wellness that can reduce work-related absences, increase productivity,

and improve work culture.

  • Group Health Coaching/Wellness Challenges

  • Healthy Eating Tips made simple

  • ​Grocery Store Tours